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Blog 2: Are The Media Biased?

In today’s society, I believe that it is impossible to be a subjective journalist. For that reason, I do in fact believe that the media is biased. The American people are also very aware of the media bias.  The bias is so obvious that  media forms are classified by their liberal or conservative views. For example, Fox News is often classified as a conservative view. On the other hand, CNN is often viewed as being very liberal. At the end of last election, conservatives in particular were complaining about the “old liberal media”, saying that such popular news net works as CBS and NBC were showing strong favoritism towards the Democratic party. Conservatives are still known for calling the media too liberal. They claim that by the media showing liberal information, the general public is being influenced to believe the liberals views. The tendency of media bias is shown by medias depiction of stories/coverage that continuously favors a certain side.

This view of the media being bias is not a new subject matter. A study by the Media Research Society observed 10 years of media usage and found that people from 1997-2007 found that the media favor certain view points on several elections and issues.  The research finds that the media tends to lean more towards the liberal end.

Why is the media bias? The answer is simple. We live in an age where we love to express our opinions and we are encouraged to do so. Look at what I’m doing now….I am writing a blog expressing my views. The truth of the matter is, Americans now find subjective news to be boring. We want to know what someone else this about an issue or a candidate. We want to express our views and hear others. Expressing the views allows our democracy the function.

  1. February 8, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Good job. Couple of thoughts.

    Do people believing the media is biased prove there is media bias? Is there or could there be a difference between perceived media bias and actual media bias?

    The Media Research Society http://www.mrc.org/about/about.aspx is a conservative organization. Can a political organization “objectively” see bias in the media? Could it see conservative bias?

    I like your statement that Americans think subjective news is boring. Very interesting.

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