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Are the media biased? How do you know? Well, to answer your first question, yes and as for the second, BECAUSE I SEE IT (don’t always disagree with it – but I do see it). But trust me I’m not the only one.

There are a few motivators I have found that influence bias – money, benefit, and allegiance. The funny thing about these influences is that they are all simultaneously used in an everyday life that we categorize and accept and this category is exactly where the information industry (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.) fits – as a business. Often times the information we view as news does indeed “pay the bills” or provide some advancement to the brand when reaching the public. Much of this stem from a relationship, whether it be political, personal, or professional, between the subject and the source.

To think that the media is not biased would be ludicrous. For the purposes of Political Communication 4473 (#mc4473 for the Twitter audience) such a thought – simply put – would just be ignorant. Mediated communication is the way we get our political news these days. The reason for this lies in the first word of the previous sentence – mediated. There is and will always be something, or someone, in between the information the public receives. More times than none, when this information is received from sources like FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC or whatever your preference for receiving news might be, one, if not all, of the previously mentioned motivators play a significant part.

Bias Media coverage is one of those things that you know is there and sometimes have accepted for so long that one does not know what to do about it. It has even been around so long that there are those who pick out the smallest of details to make an argument that would otherwise go no where

ALL MEDIA HAS SOME BIAS. Not some, but all have some bias. Some presentations of information all have bias as well. In fact, there is some bias in this entry. Unbiased reporting or gathering is  currently a fantasy, especially in the political realm. WE live in America – a country where competition is every day life. If all political reporting was unbiased, when election time comes it might actually force the American people to vote for what is right. Imagine that. Until that time…

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