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I think the media is very biased, even though it shouldn’t be. From being a journalism student and reading the  Principle of American Journalism we are taught that we are suppose to be objective and not have an opinion about what we are reporting on but nine times out of ten opinion sneaks in during reports. Biases are very common in news stations. A certain new station could be pro democratic or pro republican. CBSABC, and NBCcable channels CNN and MSNBC are all considered to be liberal bias. And Conservative biased are stations like FOX.(for more information on that you could check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_bias_in_the_United_States). For example during the 2008 election NBC ABC would probably be pro Obama and Biden and Fox was probably pro McCain and Palin. Being a biased in a political campaign means that, that the person they are going for gets a better spot and they will work hard to help make that person look good and, the other look bad.

Media can really be biased when a country goes to war. TV stations put certain clips of how people are acting across the country and disrespecting the flag and the people in the country to promote patriotism to all that watch, and put more people in the mind set that this war was necessary.


Before the Towers
















It’s funny to me how journalist are suppose to be objective but then we have editorials and talk shows where there’s nothing but opinion. Tabloids are nothing but opinion and some untrue stories about celebrities.


I thought this youtube video was very interesting and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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