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Bolg 2: Are the media biased? How do you know?

Simply put, I do believe that the media is extremely bias. For most, it is common knowledge that the majority of news reports lean toward a more liberal view point when dealing with political news. Across the board, it is known that the maority of news journalists are more liberal and therefore report on stories that lean in their favor. Major news channels like CNN or MSNBC are extremely liberal, whereas, Fox News Channel is the most well-known for hanging on the conservative side.

To advocate media bias, a Gallap poll conducted from 2001 to 2009 showed how many Americans realized that the media leaned toward a more liberal bias than to a more conservative one:


However, even without doing any research on the topic, it is easy to see which news channels are on which side of the spectrum. For example, when Bush was president, the majority of news stories, covered by channels like CNN or MSNBC, were always commenting on what a ‘character’ he was and always had something negative to say about him or his administration.

Even in the case of the most recent election, news channels across the board made Sarah Palin and John McCain infamous for their ‘stupidity’ and ‘lack of seriousness’ while campaigning for the election.


 However, now that Obama has become president, the journalists’ gears have switched.


 Instead of derailing him on how he mispoke, they would rather report on  which NCAA basketball team Obama wants to win the championship.

Even though many networks praise and compliment Obama, Fox News seemed to have a negatively different view of the current president, as depicted in this video montage.

Shouldn’t the news be reporting on Obama’s solution for economic problems (which are more newsworthy to conservatives) rather than reporting on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the way he runs this country (which seemingly appeals more to the liberals)?

  1. February 8, 2011 at 11:57 am

    So, if 45% of Americans think there is a liberal bias in the media, does that mean there is a liberal bias? Or could 45% of Americans be wrong? Is there a difference between perception of bias and actual bias?

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