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Blog 3: Political Campaigns Then and Now

Political campaigns have changed since the Nixon campaign in 68’.  In the 68’ campaign Nixon focused his whole campaign around television. Though he hated television he realized it was the main medium of the time to get people to vote for him. In most of the McGinnis book it was pretty much talking about Nixon doing a commercial and Nixon hosting a telethon, all these things circling around TV.



TV is still a major force now but it’s not the only one to get people’s attention. During the 2008 election Obama tried to reach voters not only through TV but through internet, tweeting,  and people who blogged positively about him.

www. twitter.com/ Barack Obama


One thing I know may have helped Obama in the votes that also helped  Nixon was celebrity advertising. Obama had many influential people that could persuade people to vote Obama. Oprah Winifry, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, even Russell Brand let there support for Obama known.

Oprah for Obama

Oprah showing her support at an Obama Rally



Diddy Vote Or Die

Diddy getting the youth involved with the election.














The book talked about a Connie Francis, and how she was pro Nixon and did interviews, showing her support, and there was also pictures with Nixon and Elvis, which gives you an edge with the voters.


Connie  Francis for Nixon

Connie Francis showing her support for Nixon!



Elvis and Nixon

Nixon shaking head with King of Rock n' Roll Elvis!

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