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Blog 4: Journalism

When I first saw the topic for this blog, many thoughts popped into my mind. I have many opinions on how journalists should act during a crisis. Obviously, there are many journalists who will support the things that a certain President/Military leaders do, but there will always be some who do not support them. That is the great thing about our 1st Amendment right of free speech. Journalists in this country are allowed to speak their mind, and their opinions. In many other countries, saying bad/negative things about the government, etc can cost a journalist their career, or even life. In this famous video, an Iraqi journalist throws his sweaty shoe at George W. Bush. I think it can be assumed that in other counties if a journalist had thrown his shoe at the country’s leader, that would not be tolerated.

I think that journalists have the right to challenge the President/Military leaders during a war. However, I do not think that it is always the right thing to do. I think that journalists should, and have the right to question what is going on, but that their goal should not be trying to scare the country. If a journalist does not agree with something, they have the right to question it, and investigate further, but they should do it in such a way that does not scare the people, and does not make them question or fear their government.

After a major tragedy, such as September 11th, I think initially journalists need to stand by their country. They need to report the facts, and stand united. A great example of a journalist being very Patriotic is Dan Rather, of CBS News. As we watched in class, when he appeared on Dave Letterman soon after 911, he appeared very Patriotic, and even cried when discussing the tragedy. In his interview, he stands by George W Bush, even stating “George W. Bush is the President, and he makes the decisions.”

I think Dan Rather was a great example that day of how journalists should act during a crisis. He stood by the President and his country, and made America proud.

The role of journalists during and after a crisis is to get the news out there. The American public need, and have a right, to know what is happening on any given day in their country, especially during a crisis. Journalists need to report the facts.

  1. March 2, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    So, do you think that in times of crisis that journalists should tone down or edit news that will frighten the American public?

    If questioning government officials will not frighten the American public, then is it OK?

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