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Challenging the president and or military leaders during war can bring some good and some bad to situations. For the people (since our government is “for the people”) it affects two different crowds – the aware and the unaware. For those that are aware, those that are politically knowledgeable and engaged – it often answers some questions but develops independent opinions. This is good. For the unaware crowd it develops mostly questions but pulls the crowd to believe the opinions towards those of the source in which they received it. This is not good.

Time of war is already a difficult time for the nation because it is often the people who suffer. It is the people who have the close relatives fighting in a foreign land to protect the things we call “privileges of freedom” (if that is what we are REALLY fighting for).

In a time of crisis, such as the events of September 11, 2001, the role of a reporter changes dynamically.  For these times of crisis as much as a reporter wants to be that person to bring the news first, bringing the credible news or have their name as the one reporting this is when they realize they are still human and things such as emotion become present.

I personally believe challenging the president and military leaders during a time of crisis like September 11 ads to an already confusing time. If the nation is at an upheaval, the time to go against the government and its leaders might not be right then. I remember hearing my first political discussion after the September 11 attacks and it did nothing but create more confusion and emotion distress in the small room we were in. Just taking that small scene and multiplying it by 200,000 to encompass most of the different political views, religious views and social expectations I can only imagine what it does on a large scale.

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