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BLOG 5: What I like about Political Blogs

I look to blogs for a certain type of political information. I don’t typically read blogs for hard news, objectivity, in-depth analysis, or long and detailed reporting. For this type of information I rely on the articles provided by established news sources (New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, etc.). I look to blogs to find out what people think about the news, how they are reacting, and what they think should be done. I like when blog posts include a little bit of an entertainment factor (sarcasm, making fun of politicians etc.) but the main thing I look for from a blog post is a clearly stated opinion and specific call for action. When blogs provide this type of political information I think they play a crucial a role in fostering public discussion and debate on important news-based and political issues.

An example of a blog post that does this is: How Not to Win Arab Hearts and Minds, from the Commentary Magazine Blog.

There are a few key reasons that I like this blog post: (1) it has a touch of sarcasm, (2) it incorporates hard news official quotes, (3) it links to relevant hard news stories from other news organizations, (4) it’s short, and (5) the blogger makes a strong argument and ends the post with a clear call for action.

The thing I like most about this blog post is that its opinionated and provides a definite call for action.  As stated previously, I think bloggers can have a definite ability to impact on public discourse and spark public debate.  I think bloggers best try to take advantage of this ability and opportunity by expressing their opinions and contributing different thoughts to the virtual marketplace of ideas.  Certainly, a blogger can provide objective news, analysis, and reporting, but in that case they may as well join the mainstream media establishment. It is because of blogs’ extremely  versatile content, ideas, and style that they have become so popular and influential. I prefer to read blogs that deviate from the professional news flow by bringing in opinions, criticism, alternative views, and an entertainment factor.  In my opinion, the best thing about blogs is that they can be radical, funny, opinionated, etc.  And so, it is those factors that I enjoy most when reading blogs.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Good post. Commentary is a conservative blog/site. Does this matter to you? You say blog posts should be “opinionated.” Does it matter to you what type of opinions are featured in a blog, or are you OK with liberal, conservative, other?

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