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Blog 5: Political blog

While searching for political blogs, I came across Andrew Soluk’s blog post on a website called New Polity.  New Polity is a website designed for college students to express their opinions on politics. It’s a new way to get political information from a younger generation. I particularly like this site because it gives me a chance to see what other people my age are supporting and thinking about political issues.

Andrew Soluk’s article about gun laws contains a great argument for why gun laws should be more strict. He provides many examples that place this issue on a more personal level. He uses comparisons that are familiar to the common American. For instance, he compares buying a gun to getting a driver’s license (which most people have had the experience of getting). it strikes an emotional chord when he reveals that buying a gun is easier than getting your driver’s license.

I also like how he uses images throughout his blog to compliment the argument he is making. You are able to view various images, like this one, I Want a Gun! by Fischer, Ed, while reading alongside the text.

This way of blogging provides a different perspective on the way one can view thier political info. Instead of getting straight news information that leads either right or left, this blog post explains his viewpoint using a great deal of examples. It’s easy to read and leaves the viewer with a better understanding of why the blogger believes in a particular issue.

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