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Blog 5: Another political blog

When I turn to political blogs, I like to read something that represents both sides of the political conversation.  That’s why I turn to Think Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.   The blog is split between political news, specific civil issues (i.e. Climate, Healthcare, LGBT Equality), and a consistent report of US political and global economic progress.  It’s interesting to me because it covers the wide spectrum I care about without inserting the writers’ personal partisan beliefs, and it focuses on fighting against a “brain dead media.”

Think Progress isn’t just made up of articles; it uses significant multimedia to make it interesting to readers — without it, I don’t think I’d be interested!  The writers really report from the inside – things I would never expect to know!  One of my favorite articles is about Newt Gringrich and “what he wouldn’t want you to know.”  The most surprising revelations regards terrorist attacks:

GINGRICH SAID WE SHOULD ALLOW SOME TERRORIST ATTACKS TO REMIND US OF THE DANGER: During a book tour, Gingrich told an audience in a speech that was televised on C-SPAN that the Bush administration had been very successful at intercepting terrorists, but had not gotten credit for it, explaining that maybe we should’ve “allowed an attack to get through to remind” Americans about the danger of terrorism.

I am going into education, so I appreciate that they cover education equality in politics.  Thankfully, they carry the information I want and it is extremely easy to access.  They work for healthy communities, social justice and a secure America, all things that are vital to my political views.  I like to be informed on all the issues, and Think Progress gives me an easy way to find what’s important to me!

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  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Good, though isn’t Think Progress a “progressive” (or liberal) blog? You mention that the authors on the blog do not insert their personal partisan beliefs, but is that true? Or do you maybe not see them because you agree with them?

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