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Blog 5: Link to another Political Blog

After sifting through massive amounts of political blogs throughout the Internet I finally came across one that suited my style. The one that I found, patriotboy.blogspot.com, is put together by a man who calls himself ‘The General’. Throughout the blog he gives his opinion on political topics and worldwide topics with a touch of humor mixed in.

When I first arrived on the website I noticed the sub heading of the page that read: ‘An 11 on the manly scale of absolute gender’. I knew this was the kind of blog for me; anyone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously is the kind of person and in this case blog that I tend to gravitate towards. As I did some more navigating around the website I found that the blog has won many sorts of awards, most having to do with humor in politics.

Within the website, The General, takes occurrences that are happening throughout the world and writes a fake letter. He does a good job of poking fun of the people /situations that he is writing the letters to while still outlining why they are in the news. What he also does is link in a story in his letters that you can click on that gives you a better understanding of what topic he is touching on. For example, he writes a letter to a Representative from Ohio, Lynn Watchmann, in which he talks about how she will be having an un-born baby as a witness in a case against abortionists. He first links the article that he obtained the information from. For him to have any credibility he has to obtain this from a trustworthy site, and in this case he links up to an article out of the Dayton Daily News. After he pokes fun at this he gives his own solution to the problem and how it could be handled. He also includes a random picture in which he relates back to the topic at hand.

The other blog entry that I really enjoyed from this blog had to do with the manipulation of a video. The video is an original interview between Bill O’Reilly and Mike Tobin. What The General does is make it so that the line on the bottom of the screen says off the wall statements and the interview is one where they break away to images of unnecessary scenes. He does a good job of showing what is really being talked about within the interview but by adding a little humor he makes it more relevant to different groups of people such as myself.

Also on the website are links to other blogs that he suggests, a link to his twitter account, and other political publications throughout the web. I thought it was a very well put together political blog that did a great job of adding in humor to balance out all the seriousness that can come along with politics.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Good. I hadn’t seen this blog before. Humor in politics seems to be much appreciated by the class.

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