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Blog 5: Find a political blog

Blogs…hmmm the fact that I am writing one myself means I cannot bash them to badly.  Blogs are meant to create conversation and spur different opinions.  I recently looked up blogs on Politico and one that caught my eye was definitely this post about Sarah Palin and Kathy Griffin.


The link above leads to the not so epic battle of proportions between Griffin and Palin.  Palin called Griffin “a bully and a has-been comedian.”  It has been on record that Griffin has made fun of Palin’s mothering skills and that her daughter Bristol Palin is not a model citizen.

The fact that someone made a blog on this article seems a little ridiculous.  Honestly I’m not sure why this is important political information or why Palin even cares about what Kathy Griffin has to say.  Griffin was on a show called “My Life on the D-List.”  It makes no sense for her to care.  I enjoy this story because of how ridiculous it is.  The fact that the former governor of Alaska is concerned over a comedienne who is about as important as my broken toe nail makes for hysterical “political news.”

Above is clip for the show that Griffin is most “famous” for.  If Sarah Palin really does want to run for President next year she should seriously, SERIOUSLY find other things to concern herself with other than the sadness that is Kathy Griffin.  I hate to be mean, but if this was not meant to be for comedic political info, shame on the person that wrote this blog because this really isn’t newsworthy at all.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Yes you cannot bash blogs too much, because you are officially a blogger.

    Do you like the Politico site as a whole or is just this post that caught your eye? What is it about this post or story that you like? Is it because it has a connection to the entertainment industry?

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