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Starting this assingment I thought it was going to be easy… a walk in the park… a piece of cake if you will, until I actually started looking for blogs that I liked. As I rummaged through countless websites and mundane thoughts of other people I finally found something I liked. Me a true goofball at heart found a humorous/satirical political blog called the Washington Roast, which was brilliantly named if I do say so myself. After reading some posts I found that I couldn’t get enough. Its witty, sarcastic and all around funny, but it’s also informative and gets to the point. I think blogs like this make people want to read them because it makes it’s point, and  brings and ere of entertainment into an already interesting topic. I mean politics is the real reality t.v. anyways.


Cartoon Used on the Washinton Roast

Cartoon Used on the Washington Roast

Another blog that I liked, but I can’t say is as politically centered as the other is Jake Novak’s Comedy Corner. I thought some of the pictures he used were hilarious with his little remarks that made it even more funny! The below picture was posted on Jake Novak’s Comedy Corner when he was talking about how the cost og fas has spiked up from what it previously was.


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  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Good. Humorous political blogs seem to be popular for the class.

    Be sure to categorize your blog entry and add tags. You lose points for not doing so.

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