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BLOG 5: Political Blog

One political blog I check fairly often is ONTD_Political. An offshoot of the celebrity gossip blog ONTD (short for “Oh No They Didn’t), one might not expect much from the blog at first. But ONTDP is vastly different from its sister site. Contributors from around the world submit politically-themed posts, which usually have articles or videos embedded within them. Other members of the community can then have a discourse about the post in the comments, most of which are fairly enlightening, or at least interesting to read.

ONTDP has a nice range of serious news stories and lighter pieces. One blog entry from today that I found interesting is about how, “Premiere Radio Networks, the juggernaut behind the number one and two radio programs in the country hosted by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity respectively, is being accused of hiring voice actors to ‘call in’ to the conservative talk shows.” It goes on to talk about suspicions that such radio hosts are using a service called Premiere On Call to hire such actors. If these allegations are true, the post makes an interesting point that, “not disclosing that you are deceiving listeners with actors is fraud, and the FCC and Attorney General’s office can fine violators or outright remove their programs from the air.”

On the other end of the spectrum of seriousness, there is another post from today entitled “Sheen, Beck, or Quaddafi?”, which links to a site where users have to guess if a quote is from one of the three men. Needless to say, the comments section of this blog post have much more lighthearted discussion than the previous one, though there is still a fairly serious discussion regarding mental illnesses.

When reading political blogs, I not only like to have serious stories alongside more entertaining ones to lighten the mood, but I also like to hear input from a number of people, not just one blogger. The comments sections of ONTDP are filled with people of varying political beliefs, and it is interesting to see their responses to the numerous topics covered on the site.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Good. I think the comments portion of blogs are sometimes the most interesting portion of the site. Good to read you mention these.

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