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Blog 5: Political Blog

A recent political blog I have found interesting is National Review Online.  Although it is associated with the biweekly magazine, the website is a separate division of the conservative news outlet.  The website has many features, including several different blogs that allow you to access news and discussion of many types of political media. One of the main blogs “The Corner”, features daily opinions and blog entries by the editors and writers on current events and news topics.  Here is a recent example of a blog entry by the main website editor, Kathryn Jean Lopez:


Other notable blogs on the website include “Candidate Spot”, which focuses on elections, “Bench Memos”,  featuring judicial and legal news, and “Media Blog”.  This media blog, as well as the new blog “Egypt Watch”, give readers access to news with a focus on current influential media that affect politics. A recent video posted on “Media Blog” feature Colin Powell’s take on the recent developments in Libya:


Another feature of the website is a “Tweet Tracker” that highlights political tweets from sources such as Washington Post, Fox News, Congress.org, and many other political news outlets.  This site component is appealing because of the tie is creates to another large media outlet through which many people today are getting their news and learning of current events.

A final aspect of National Review Online that I found interesting was “Phi Beta Cons“, a blog that specifically targets college students with a focus on university news. I think this shows the variety of blogs available through the website and attests to its well-rounded nature, despite having a notable focus on right-wing politics.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    So, what is most important to you about this site? Is it that the information is presented through a conservative lens? Or is it the variety and type of information (the fact that the site is “well-rounded”?). Would a liberal like this site or is it just for conservatives?

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