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BLOG 5. Political Blog

Until a year ago, I read political blogs more often to keep myself up-to-dated with newest political information and knowledges. Ever since I’ve started Twitter and following the political figures and bloggers, the number of visiting blogs and the level of interests have gradually declined, and now, I’m left with only two blogs that I’m still visiting. My favorite political blogs are CNN Political Ticker and Swampland.

I like these blogs for a number of reasons. When I read blogs, I want to read from somebody that is trust worthy of what he is writing about and who gives equal amount of opinions on all sides of political views. These two blogs are managed by an official new paper sources which makes these bloggers more credential. Also these blogs, especially Swampland, offer a variety of information, from basic general background knowledge to currently on-going issues. This is useful for me because I have been in the United States only for four years, and thus, I have very limited knowledge about US politics. If I get stuck with a issue doesn’t make any sense to me, I can search a related keyword and study with the related blog entry. What I love about CNN Political Ticker is that every beginning of the week it gives out a summery of hot topics of the previous week. All the blog articles are linked to actual articles so there is no need to search through pages to find the article.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Good. Do you read any blogs that cover politics from home?

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