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Blog #5: Political Blog

I usually do not read political blogs, I rather receive my political information from a newspaper such as USA Today. When I do decide to read a political blog though I always go to the National Review. The particular section I read is called The Corner.The video below introduces you to a writer from this website.

I enjoy The Corner for a couple of particular reasons. First of all, it offers a non-biased opinion on a wide range of political news stories. Some people would argue the National Review is a Republican news base, which my political views may seem to leans toward, but most of the time I find it to be more non-opinionated than biased. Living in a smaller town in the middle of Missouri, I don’t like following the local news so the national news is what I tend to access. I also hate the extreme partisanship that exists in our government during the last few years. The differences that exist between these parties are preventing our country from resolving many key issues. This is why I appreciate receiving my news from a website who does not bash the opposite party in every story.

The second reason I enjoy reading The Corner is for their use of multimedia. A variety of videos, images, and polls are used to help illustrate the story the are reporting. These types of multimedia used are always very informative and since we are a country who depends on video images, such as television, it is important to support the story with this. The writers tend to include some form of this in every post which you can choose to view or skip over. To stick with the policy of the National Review you can choose to watch or not watch the video below posted in an article regarding the democrats stance on the budget on The Corner.

The Corner Video

The last reason I enjoy reading The Corner on The National Review is the writers keep the posts short. To be honest I have an extremely short attention span. A lot of the time the writers choose to keep the blogs to a quick note on a recent current event or a link to another article. Sometimes I would prefer to read  news story than a blog and The Corner gives me the opportunity to do so. It provides great links to websites such as CNN and The New York Times. There i can read the more politically biased sides of the issue if I choose. The Corner does an excellent job of catering to my possible undiagnosed ADD.

In all, The Corner of The National review is my favorite political blog for a variety of reasons. The limited time I spend reading political blogs it is always my first choice. It makes good use out of the same type of supporting details I tend to include in a blog. I would recommend the site to anyone with political interest.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Nice job. Thoughtful post.

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