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Blog 6. Media Objectivity

We have already been arguing about bias in media in class. While bringing a single answer to the question “are media biased” seems to be a difficult tho, most of us have agreed upon that bias, indeed, can be found in media. I come to understand that it is almost impossible to present absolute objectivity because of nature of human beings. When I was taking Journalism classes, I forced to myself to believe that objectivity is crucial as being a journalist. However now, since I acquire much broader sense of how current media has evolved and changed from past generation’s media, my opinions about media’s objectivity is Yes and No.

I still believe that media and journalists should be definitely objective when presenting political news. Because they are the source providers for people, how media and journalists frame can impact on people’s ideas and views on issues.

On the other hand, as development of internet expands the horizon of news sources available to people it seems like the importance of media’s objectivity decreases. As mentioned, people now have more sources for news available via blog, social networking site (twitter or facebook), youtube and whatnot. If it weren’t the news on TV or news papers or magazines, people can get their political news and information easier and faster than ever. Even though media limits their opinions and strive to be objective, the possibility that people will be influenced by bloggers or online columnists is inevitably huge.

Moreover, now with various news providers available, people can choose the type of views they prefer and suits with their own. Since the TV is not the only information provider anymore, people do not need to limit themselves to certain ideas or views but they can find what they think fits the best for their ideas. People will listen to something they don’t necessarily agree with, then will switch to different views and find what they think the best. The youtube clip suggests that media and journalists should be open-minded rather than constrained to be objective.

  1. March 16, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    The CNN image is interesting, I hadn’t seen that. As we mentioned in class, they seem to be positioning themselves as the point between two extremes and hoping that passes for “objective.”

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