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Blog 6 : Objective Journalism

It is so easy to believe that everything we read and watch on television are facts and that opinion is not brought into the equation. Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in and opinion is being broadcasted as facts and objectivity is a foreign concept. Journalist and the media should be objective when presenting political news for the mere fact that we  need an accurate account  of our presidential candidates because they are the one’s we choose to run the country. Another important reason we should get an actual presentation of political information is because we as voters and citizens need to make up our own minds about policies and bills without the confusion of others opinion.

Cartoon about how Media is not objective

Though people say they want an objective media I doubt if that wish is true. A small part of me thinks that citizens like to be told what to think and who to believe in. We are all looking to follow the newest trend and jumping on the bandwagon. Journalist should take fault but not all of it, because it is our duty as citizens to really research and understand before we make a decision or an opinion of our own. We can however, put the blame on journalist for making that research to the truth a difficult and tedious venture. An example of this is Bill Moyer’s “Buying the War” and how it was discussed that things were leaked in the papers from government officials; and with things like that going on and swaying us away from the truth of things shows why journalist should be objective and play that watchdog role for the citizens.  With so many forms of media out there what can we perceive as sincere and not government based or opinionated? Is this whole objective viewpoint a fantasy?


“After all, the ultimate goal of research is not objectivity, but the truth”.

—Helen Deutsch

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