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Blog 6: Objectivity

There is always much debate about objectivity in the media, and people constantly criticize various journalists for being biased to the left or right. In my opinion, these criticisms are completely valid. The media does have a duty to report the news objectively, and I believe that they try their best to do so. Admittedly, no one can write or report a story can with 100% objectivity because people’s natural opinions and biases will always have influence over the way they¬†communicate. Biased views have their place through the form of political analysis. Newspapers have editorial sections where opinions can be expressed, and news networks like CNN bring on various political players and analysts to give their points of view. Biases can help inform people about the various sides of an issue, but the media in general has a responsibility to
report the news objectively. It should be up to individuals to decide their opinions for themselves, but they can seek out partisan analysis if they choose. Being a journalism major myself, I have been in classes where we have been taught (and taught, and taught, and taught) to be objective in our reporting because it is our duty as journalists to do so. I believe that journalism is best this way, and I try to avoid news that shows an obvious bias one way or another, like Fox News for example. I believe that the media can better serve the citizenry through objectivity of reporting, instead of muddling up the iron core of the story with constant spin and analysis.
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  1. March 17, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Good last line: “instead of muddling up the iron core of the story with constant spin and analysis.”

    Break up your text a little bit so that your post is easier to read. You don’t want formatting issues getting in the way of people reading your argument.

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