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Blog 6: Objectivity in Journalism

The many ways that our lives are affected each day by various forms of media are seemingly endless.  We expect our sources of news of what’s going on in the world to be the most accurate that it possibly can be.  After all, that is the job we expect journalists to perform.  Particularly in political news, where there is so much opportunity for bias and unfair reporting of one side over another, the importance of journalists to deliver news from an objective point of view is of the utmost importance.  But sometimes the eyes of journalists are often obscured by other forces in the news or the political world.  The following image depicts a time where journalists were well-known to be lacking objectivity in delivering news.

The above image also expresses the doubt many still place in the media’s ability to be objective in recent political news.  We all know of the different biases that take place in popular media sources today, such as Fox News and MSNBC, yet these sources are often looked to by different parties who choose to expose themselves to the media that backs up their views the most.  In my opinion, this lack of objectivity is damaging to the political world.  If news sources only depict stories in ways that support their own opinion and their side of the political realm, we cannot really rely on them to be objective sources.

In the age of the Internet, there are becoming more and more people with concerns of the lack of objectivity when presenting political news.  Bloggers are one example of people who are, at times, attempting to get their voices heard and trying to push journalists to rediscover their own jobs of being objective.  While there are many bloggers who also deliver information from their own point of view, there are also a number of others attempting to bring justice to the political and news media environment.

Journalists should be objective in their everyday lives delivering news to the masses, but as many fail to do so it is our job to become informed citizens and absorb media information with a grain of salt.  As an important standard in the field of journalism, we need to be pressuring our media to give us what exactly what they owe us–objectivity



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