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Blog 6: Should the Media and Journalists be objective?

When you first think about this topic you’d like to believe the media and journalists should be objective because it only seems fair. My thought is however that having media that isn’t objective and is biased makes for such good television, news shows, and debates.

I wanted to find something that talked about media objectivity and broke it down into simple terms. Here’s a video I came across that satirically touches on the lack of objectivity in the media and with journalists.

For the most part I think that people already will form their own opinions even if the news that is covered isn’t objective, and when it comes down to it that’s what being objective is all about; putting the facts out there for people to form opinions. Call me new school in the way that I think but I enjoy people putting their opinions out there, it makes for good TV and gets people that are opposed fired up. Who doesn’t love conflict? Isn’t that why we watch Jerry Springer and shows like that? Hopefully that didn’t get confusing but when someone isn’t objective, or is bias, people get so angry and that’s when the claws come out and that when we begin to pay attention. 

Let me break this down even further. If I were to write a story about how political figures look terrible in black suites then it would anger the people who think they look god in black suites. In turn, what this would do would give the opposition cause to speak out against my story. What has now happened is that we are going back and forth, which people love, and the story is now becoming popular which almost unconsciously teaches the viewers about the subject at hand!

Obviously it’s incredibly hard to be objective, it’s just human nature to be bias and in some way give your opinion. With that said, let’s just all embrace it and not worry and get all heated when the media isn’t objective! It’s a new wave of media and this is what’s put in front of us so why don’t we just look at all the positive things that it can do for us and go from there. Before I wrote this I was under the impression that journalists and the media should absolutely be objective and then as I read articles and really thought about myself as a reporter I began to realize how hard it would be to not include my opinion in some way. We all have opinions, lets not be a boring society!


  1. March 17, 2011 at 8:37 am

    At the end of the day, you may be right. Opinionated news is often more entertaining (conflict-laden, brash, etc.) and it appears to sell well in the marketplace. It may be the only type of news that can cut through all of the other media choices we have. So maybe the best we can do is hope citizens understand what they are getting (like not thinking Rush Limbaugh is objective) and let the rest work itself out in the wash.

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