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Blog 7: Milton Friedman vs. Alasdair MacIntyre

The partisan media leaded by ‘Fox News’ and ‘MSNBC’ have been uprising in United States.  More and more people tuned on their channel to those ones so that they could fulfill their political ideologies at the moment while watching the news.  Gabriel Sherman, contributing editor of New York Magazines said that ‘CNN’ which represents ‘non-partisan news channel is shrinking

“We don’t discuss but we just compete each other”

“What kind of programming you put on at night ultimately defines you as a network. And CNN has really struggled to explain themselves.”

However, this partisan media and the attitude that “I watch the news what I want” haven’t created any great public discourse, but according to the Mark Brown a writer from the Atlantic says. It just creates the ping pong world.

“You live in a world that’s sort of a ping pong world where facts are shot in one direction or the other and you’re, as the viewer, sitting there turning your head from left to right to left to right.

“Do we live in the ‘Ping Pong World’?

I think the idea that “I will only watch the news what I want or what I like” is based on the ideology of orthodox or neo liberalism, which argued that the market or “invisible hands” solve the every problem of society. Milton Friedman who was the leading scholar of neo liberalism argued that the choices that we make in the market are just rationale and perfect so we don’t have to worry about the consequence because the market will decide the results for everyone’s best interest. If we expand this ideology a little bit, it is very easy to answer that whether democrats watch only democrat news or republicans watch only republican news doesn’t really matter because our choices result the best for interest for the society in general.

“Let think more Philosophical, and think the fundamnental’

However, I think that is not the best way to reach Justice, and that is not right thing to do.

I opposed the idea of “Watch the news what I want’

First I don’t believe the market is the best way to reach the social justice because it doesn’t carry morality, and without morality we cannot reach to justice. Therefore, the current very partisan media in United States are not the best system. They have been created by the demand from the market and money, which is very far from the justice and public interest.

Second, I think, we are not just only ‘choicer’ or consumer in the market but we are citizens in democratic society who have responsibility to have rationale political and social discourse from the information that we get through the media. Thus, as citizens we have responsibility to take information from the all sides, and should discuss all the important issues in the society.

Third, News Organizations have responsibility in democratic society that offer quality information which could push quality social discusses in public discourse. Of course, not only information from one party side.

My argument sounds like idealistic, but there is no doubt that we existed as not only ‘market choicer’ or ‘consumers’ in society but existed as citizens pursuing democracy and reason in our mind. Alasdair MacIntyre argued that our life is unity of narrative, which points out that we have such responsibility that we should enhance our quality of public discourse to certain level to achieve justice and morality in our society.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Very good. “Consumers” vs. “Citizens” is something we will talk a lot about in the upcoming Sunstein book.

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