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Blog 7. Democratic news Vs Republican news

It is never easy to answer whether media supporting one party over the other is good or bad. We have been discussing about people’s tendency to seek out and take in news which they feel comfortable with. They listen and watch to what they agree with. Given that, my answer to “if republicans get their political news from one place and democrats get their news from somewhere else, is this good or bad” is No, I do not believe it is bad that each party gets their news from different places. However I do believe that it certainly matters when people do not seek out opposing viewpoint. If each party seek out not only their supporting argument but also opposing viewpoint then they can fully understand entire situation from both sides. Following is a quote by Sacha Zimmerman from MSNBC’s News Republic’s, implying that both Democratic and Republic parties are doing the worst job of coping or comprehending both sides of views, and obviously that doesn’t happen because they never switch channels and care about what the opponent news has to tell.

“I am not so thrilled about this trend toward partisan networks and news. By all means we should have progressive and conservative commentators and analysts, but is there no room for argument between the two? Where have all the iconoclasts gone? With this split in the networks and a near perfect red-blue divide nationwide, it seems that we are more and more retreating to our comfortable trenches and refusing to acknowledge anything but spite, paranoia, and conspiracy theory when it comes to the other side.”

Majority of people might agree that partisanship in media is bad, and I cannot say it isn’t. Unfortunately, however, people are inevitably biased and that is no exception for media and journalists. That’s how it works and how it’s always been. Does objectivity always the best way of ensuring accuracy? I believe not. As we’ve talked about in class on Tuesday, objectivity in media can be reflected as “copy-and-past” reporting. It lacks of investigation and verifying the facts. However, I believe a journalist in partisanship is more eligible to provide accurate guide line and help the citizens since the journalist have to be more accurate and sufficient in evidence to support his argument.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 11:01 am

    But doesn’t getting ones news from a partisan news source sort of equal not seeking out the opposing viewpoint? And aren’t there facts about what is going on that is beyond “sides?” If so, how can viewers get a sense of these facts?

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