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Blog 7: Is it ok to watch non objective media?

As is becomes more and more popular for the general public to gain their information through television and internet the main “problem” that comes to light is the biased views of one outlet compared to another.

When you talk to people they want to believe that they are watching a telecast that is objective. They want to believe that everything they watch isn’t geared towards one crowd or another. They want to believe that they are just given the facts and they form their own opinions. But think about this, if someone had never watched television before and had no political affiliation but was trying to form a stance they would first watch something that aesthetically appealed to their senses. They then would take in the information from the two different outlets and slowly, and sometimes subconsciously, lean one way more than the other. For example, if they happened to like Bill O’Reilly because of his personality and the way that the show was put together they would start to buy into the views of O’Reilly, which would result in a more conservative way of thinking. Because of this, the viewer, who at one time didn’t have a political stance would become a Republican simply because they tuned into Fox and started buying into the way of thinking like a right-winger. They could even end up in this category without necessarily believing in all the conservative thoughts and views but because the way that it was presented it makes more sense to them.

These news outlets hate to be tagged as a non-objective voice and will fight to the bitter end to prove that they are fair. Fox goes so far as to say “We report; You decide.” They know how everyone looks at them but they love to fight it and show cases where they feel like they are being completely objective. If they report the facts but not all the facts, mainly only the facts that benefit them, then are they being bias? I don’t think so and I think that’s how they think when they say that they aren’t biased.

Now let me put this into my language. I’m a big Missouri athletics fan so if I want to watch something about the basketball team I’m going to tune into the Mike Anderson show. On the other hand if I had only one channel on my TV and it was showing the Bill Self show I would throw my TV out the window just to be on the safe side. Why? Because I hate everything that has to do with Kansas and it would get me fired up, even if Missouri never entered their mouths, it’s just for the simple fact that Kansas is on my s&*# list and always will be. People feel the same way about politics, liberals are only going to get fired up and upset if they are forced to watch Bill O’Reilly. So just avoid it all together and you don’t have that problem!

But is this a problem with media politics? I honestly don’t think so. People are going to read what they want to read anyways so what’s so wrong with them getting their news from an un objective source? It seems like journalism is slowly moving in the direction of bias perspective, so let’s embrace it. If the news that’s being covered is big story then people will eventually do their own research if they care that much. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to political coverage I can be pretty lazy. I’ll just end up taking the same opinions and sides as the television personalities, sometimes without even meaning to…but at least I’m taking a side and forming some sort of opinion, right?!


  1. April 4, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Good job. Consuming sports coverage/information is much like getting political information. It’s a good analogy. Also, we always think the refs or sportscasters are always against our team, much like news coverage of politics is always biased against our political side.

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