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Blog 7: News Gathering

This day in age it is a well known fact which media outlets are conservative and which media outlets are liberal.

Take television for example. It is a week night and after a long day of work your typical Republican or Democrat wants to sit down and catch up with the day’s events on the evening news. The Democrat will probably put on MSNBC and the Republican will most likely put on Fox News. In either situation, the individual tuned into their preferred media outlet like the majority of Americans. The news presented consists essentially of the same stories just with a bias spun to match one of the two political preferences.

This leads us to the question, “If Republicans get their political news from one place and Democrats get their news from somewhere else, is this good or bad? Does it matter?” Personally, I do not think that it matters. When on my own search for political information I, like most Americans, am fully aware of the bias presented from the sources I am viewing. I know when I log onto Fox News online that I am going to be receiving information with a conservative slant. I also know that there is a liberal media form out there that will be viewing the same story in a different light. It is because of this knowledge that I think the different sources of information for each party is not such a bad thing.

However this being said, I do think that it is important to be presented with and fully understand the other viewpoint of the story. This helps readers to stay conversant on the topic and to be able to challenge their news source if need be.

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  1. April 4, 2011 at 10:39 am

    So, if you think it is important to know both viewpoints of a story, doesn’t that require watching different news sources?

    Also, do you think most Americans are fully aware of the bias in the news sources they view? Do all or most FOX viewers realize that this news sources is more conservative?

    And you forgot to categorize this post and add tags.

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