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BLOG 7: Partisan News

I don’t think it is a bad thing that Republicans prefer certain news sources while Democrats favor others.  People naturally associate with communities that reinforce their beliefs; this includes religious communities, volunteer organizations, neighborhoods and news outlets.  I am tempted to say that this process is natural and thus amoral.

While people are entitled to choose which media they will engage, I do think that it would benefit the country if individuals didn’t obtain their news from a single channel or perspective exclusively.  It is healthy to understand other perspectives, even if only to strengthen your argument.

I am tempted to blame the media for falling into the partisan trap in the first place and to say that people favoring news outlets that align with their sympathies is simply inevitable.  But for all of these people who fall in line, I think it is wise to consider the true source of the information they are consuming and regurgitating.  Roger Ailes comes to mind.  Before reading The Selling of the President, I had not idea who he was.  Now, I am curious to know, why did he found FOX News and how does he influence what is covered and how it is covered?  To find out more about Roger Ailes, I typed his name into google, of course.  One of the first results was an article from Esquire.  Esquire has some pretty sarcastic and biting words about Mr. Ailes.  The title and subtitle indicate the tone of the rest of the article:

Why Does Roger Ailes Hate America?

An exclusive and unbiased investigation into the highly paid operative of a foreign-born tycoon, a man who reengineered political and media culture and fomented a revolt that threatens the very stability of our country

I wonder about the majority political persuasion of Esquire readers…

While Esquire may not be the best source to obtain background information on Roger Ailes, I do think that considering the history and development of particular news sources would be valuable and legitimizing for citizens.


In this post from PressThink, Jay Rosen illuminates another concept: Even if we didn’t have partisan media outlets, Republicans and Democrats will still interpret news from their own ideological frames.

FOX news still claims to be “fair and balanced” while a great many citizens claim otherwise.  The only thing that seems certain is that partisan trends in media aren’t going away any time soon.




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