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BLOG 7: Partisan News Sources

If we’re being honest, most Democrats and Republicans are not aligned to a certain party because they have carefully weighed the pros and cons to both sides. Most people side with a party due to their upbringing, community, religion, or a combination of some or all of these factors. Therefore, I feel it does not truly matter if Democrats and Republicans get their news from different sources. I have staunchly Republican relatives married to staunchly Democrat ones, and, despite numerous attempts at conversion, neither side has been able to change the others’ political stance. If the bonds of marriage cannot change someone’s mind, I have serious doubts that one party member getting their information from the other side, or even from an “unbiased” source, will do so.

This isn’t to say peoples’ minds can’t be changed. I have plenty of friends who grew up in staunch conservative households, went to churches that preached a Republican agenda, and still wound up being Democrats after doing some research. I also know ex-Democrats who are now Republicans. However, when looking at both groups on a broad level, the majority of people I know were born into their party. Could people learn new things by occasionally perusing the other party’s news sources? Of course. This could also combat the extreme partisanship seen in politics today, as discussed in Chapter 12, and move our government towards a more bipartisan system. However, with today’s anger-fueled politics, many don’t even want to consider the other side’s viewpoint, much less read into it. And some partisan sources can be so scathing towards the other party that those party members may not have the patience to delve into them.

While I think it would be beneficial for Democrats and Republicans to get their information from a variety of sources, it isn’t realistic to expect them to. However, this isn’t a huge problem, because most party-aligned citizens take a stance based on factors other than news, and exposure to the opposite viewpoint usually won’t make a substantial difference in their worldview or opinions.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Interesting post. I wonder what is different about people who end up changing political affiliations from their parents compared to those who don’t.

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