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Blog 8: Are the Daily Show and the Colbert Report really political news?

I think that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are really political news. Even though the main purpose of these shows is entertainment programming, viewers are still exposed to a variety of political information. These late-night comedy shows can be viewed as a gateway to traditional news. Watching these types of entertainmnet programs can lead to an increased level of participation to political news and information. People who watch either of these shows are exposed to ‘snipets’ of information and then turn to watch the traditional news to get further coverage on the issue.

I do believe that these shows are extremely biased. They provide a few words on what the political information is about, but then put their own spin and opinions on it if they have opposing views. For example, Jon Stewart clearly states his opinion about Peter King and his want to investigate American muslims while defending his ties to the Irish Republican Army. Stewart makes jabs at King for being a republican and continuously lets the viewers know that Stewart is not a big fan of King and his actions.

These late-night shows may also show bias when they invite guests onto their show to talk about certain issues. For example, a segement from the Colbert Report invites Geoffrey Canada onto the show and asks him questions about a recent speech that Obama just gave, in 2009. Since Canada can not seem to find any area where white men are being vicitmized, Colbert tweaks his own responses (and often cuts Canada off in the middle of a sentence) to fit the stance that Colbert himself has on the issue.

Although I do not regularly watch either one of these shows, the clips I have seen seem to promote political participation. Through their joking and equal choosing on partisan topics, these late night shows seem to want people to have an opinion and take a stance on these issues, in order to get the audience to actively participate in their segments.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    But does having an opinion or taking a stance on issues equal political participation?

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