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Blog #8: Daily Show & Colbert Report

…and the blog topic of the day is (drumroll please):

Is the Daily Show with John Stewart and/or the Colbert Report really political news?

I feel like this question is one that could yield many different results. One of those questions that the answer just depends who you are asking. If asking someone who thrives on “hard news” their answer to this question is most likely going to be a solid no. When asking a media savvy young adult, they would probably say yes. If you are asking John Stewart and Stephen Colbert you might want to take a look at their websites.

According to the Daily Show’s website,

“The Daily Show is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that takes a reality-based look at news, trends, pop culture, current events, politics, sports and entertainment with an alternative point of view.”

They claim to be “unburdened” by the standards of journalism today and even accurate facts. With this in mind they still claim to present political news. This political news, however, is just spun in a satirical light. The Colbert Report also has a website. They claim to be a spin off of the Daily Show starring a political humorist on a satirical television show. So itsofacto, they too claim to be news but held to the same lack of standards as The Colbert Report.

These shows are presenting politics in a humorous way that draws the attention of a younger generation. This brings me back to our class discussion last Thursday. Those who seek out political information are more likely to promote political participation. AKA those watching these two programs are more likely to promote political participation.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 10:36 am

    So, what is your opinion on this question? I think you are correct that different groups might answer this question differently, so are you a member of the “media savvy young adult” group that considers these programs news? And are there media un-savvy young adults who would think about this question differently?

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