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BLOG 8. Entertainment or Political news?

It is hard to answer to the question whether or not shows such as the Daily show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report are really political news. Although we have spent good amount of time discussing about this issue in class, answer is still not simple.

According to some researches and surveys from last year, when Americans were asked to name the journalist they most admired, showing up at No.4 on the list was a comedian. John Stewart, host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central and former master of ceremonies at Academy Award shows, tied in the rankings with anchormen Brian Williams, and Cable host Anderson Cooper. Also, as we’ve seen from the class blogs, even most of us prefer to get our political information from the shows like The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report.My opinion is that they are and are not political news all in one.

In many ways the similarities between the comedy shows and the news media are as striking as the differences. They can be regarded as political news because both talk shows and press generally deal with the same topics for the year. For instance, U.S Foreign Affair policy was the top topic for both press and talk shows following with elections/politics.Also these talk shows keep “watchdog” role on the government officials by reporting scandals and latest issues.

However, overall range of topics on these talk shows is somewhat more limited than the mainstream press. For instance, the mainstream news media focused more on such matters as foreign events not associated with the United States, crime, disasters,health,business and economy. In contrast, for these talk shows news is usually restricted to their time limit and is “entertainment”. They are limited what they have time to present to the public and what they want their audience to hear. Stewart once described himself to the host of PBS “Bill Moyer’s Journal”

“We feel no obligation to follow the news cycle because we are not journalists”

There is no doubt that for many people Stewart and Colbert have not only become entertainment but also their political news. Indeed, on many occasions, the top news story in the national news media was  quite different from the leading content on the shows like “The Daily Shows”. I believe that it is always the best not to rely too much on one source and make sure to verify from different sources too.

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