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Blog 8: Political News or Just Comedy?

In my opinion, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert really can be considered political news.  These two shows are a great source of political news and can actually be informational while being humorous at the same time. These shows are considered a gateway to “real news” because they can take viewers back and forth between both genres of news.  These two shows while being funny actually do bring importance to the news aspect of the content because to actually understand the humor and the stories in these shows you have to have at least a little bit of background knowledge of current events going on in politics and in the world scene today.  If someone wanted to watch these kinds of shows without even catching a glimpse of a nightly news report they would definitely be totally lost.

Are These Shows Biased?

I don’t feel as though these shows are anymore biased than any other news story or show that has ever been made.  I feel that Stewart and Colbert are good at being able to put their own spin on news stories and make them as non biased as possible. Of course they might have their own opinions on things now and then but these are never meant to sway people in one way or another.

The following video is of Jon Stewart explaining to people at a rally how the media has failed us with their reporting and how biases are hurting our media views today.

Promoting Political Participation

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are always promoting political participation in their shows.  This commercial that ran during the election season urges their viewers to get out and vote.  They do not tell you which way to vote but just to exercise your right as an American and vote.  They know that their viewers are important segments of our population and voting is important.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report while funny are no laughing matter.  These two shows are serious news outlets and while being humorous and shedding light on major issues in our country and around the world, they give serious information that you need to be informed on what is happening in our world today.

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    Good looking post with the bold sub-titles, images, video, etc. Makes the post easy to read and catches the eye.

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