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BLOG 8: The Daily Show and Colbert Report

While Stewart and Colbert’s shows are political news, they are limited political news. They both inform viewers of important political events in the world, but also cover much less ground than authentic newscasts to make room for humorous segments and commentary. This does not make the shows a bad source for political news, but it does make them undesirable sources for one’s only access to news. If an important story doesn’t have potential for a humorous spin, it won’t get covered on the shows, and it is important for viewers to realize this. However, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have never touted themselves as “authentic” news sources, and therefore have every right to be selective when choosing material to cover.

The expressed comedic intent of the shows also excuses them from being unbiased, which is another reason they should not be viewers’ sole news sources. Stewart especially has made it blatantly clear that his show is not a newscast, and it therefore does have an overtly liberal feel to it. The tongue-in-cheek conservative tone of the Colbert Report also suggests a more liberal leaning. Again, these shows have every right to be biased, but they therefore also don’t provide an objective stance to the viewer, which could be detrimental to voters not getting news from any other source.

While many viewers may start out getting their political news solely from these biased shows, the Daily Show and Colbert report may encourage them to look deeper into the government. Politics can often be hard for many, especially young people, to understand or be interested in, and these shows provide an easy foot in the political door. By combining comedy with politics the shows do promote political participation, and while some viewers may not go beyond them, others may delve deeper into politics thanks to Stewart and Colbert.

  1. April 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Nice job. Good overview of the issues.

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