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This isn’t real? NO WAY?!

The reality of internet to todays generations make it a bit difficult to say whether there is a difference to real political contribution and that of the world wide web. The real life contribution is actually one that I would describe as a lost art. Much of the offers for contribution come from that of the Internet campaign.

(contribution in the since of involvement — actually reading and whatnot)

With most human interaction developing on the internet that is how the cycle is going to move through just about everything.  This idea might not be real life but it is the reality of the situation.


But to answer the question, “real life” involvement and “internet” are not the same thing, but no one is greater than the other, especially in the eyes of democracy.

Real life, consisting of rallies and registering, is important but will soon be done over the Internet. Additionally, the actions of the participants are only going to mimic the approach of the candidates or standing government – but that is a blog for another blogging day. Today when candidates or officials present speeches orally, it is but 3 hours later it is transcribed and presented via the internet. The involvement of the man standing in the front row and the man to read it within the first minutes of posting are both beneficial. Beneficial to the candidate? Who knows? Beneficial to democracy? Absolutely! From their involvement, and in this case eagerness, both men were able to consciously decide their political stance.

Any contribution to democracy is important whether that come from physical or virtual interaction. I know I said that was another blog for another blogging day – but what the hell? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

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