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BLOG9. Politics Online vs “Real Life”

It is evident that in our current society the Internet is an extremely influential medium when it comes to every facet of life. The base of politics is the constant change happening everyday. I don’t believe that politics online is exactly the same as politics in “real life”and of course there are differences, but I believe that just comes with the territory of a new developing medium. when it comes to younger public, including people in 20’s, 30’s and teenagers, the Internet can be seen as an even more important medium than others considering the people in this demographics have grown up with the internet. I feel as though my generation explores their views with politics through the internet especially. With Twitter, Facebook and all other blogging sites people in my generation have created their own ways to participate through their laptop and computer.

I believe online politics’ contribution to increase of democracy is huge because it involves a great deal of involvement of normal citizens, pretty much everyone regardless of any demographics. Also i believe democracy is highlighted and becomes more activated in the use on online politics like blogging since everyone is able to put their opinions and, in return you get to have more power in your voices. For those who are involved in politics in “real life” can protest or go to rallies but when I think of impacts that created by these people compare to the online, I believe their impact is limited and their voice doesn’t get heard from all around the world. Now days people can share political issues or problems with as short as 140 words to pages of blog entry and still create as great impact as it might have done in “real life”.

Over all, in my opinion, the internet is succeeding in bringing politics to a different demographics, and hence, it will contribute to an expansion of democracy and more involvement.

  1. April 14, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Brief post, but good overview of the issue.

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