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Blog 10: Sunstein Book/Republic.com 2.0

I have not finished the book so this post is a tad bit premature, but because I missed the last blog I wanted to jump on this early.  So far the best part of this book is that covers a vast amount of issues that are being spoken in my communication courses.  One of those ideas is group polarization.  The book covers the idea that people with mutual interests will gravitate towards media outlets that will provide them with what they like.  The book is also very good about explaining the concept of filtering.  With so many different forms of communication and ways to digest media, we as people have to filter through the things that we enjoy personally.  I myself am an avid sports fan.  I particularly enjoy Chicago sports so I would filter through anything that had to do with St. Louis, Miami, Boston, or Dallas.  If you are an avid fan of politics you would filter through the certain party that you affiliate yourself with.


Somethings that this book is not that great about is how redundant and lackluster it is.  I understand that the author has something to say, but there is only so many times one person can talk about certain topics before a reader loses interest.  The chapters could be much shorter and cover more topics if the author feels it is completely necessary to have a book around 225 pages.  Not a particularly long read, but I myself being from a generation that needs constant stimulation realize that this won’t pan out as a popular read for most.

Would I recommend the book? That solely depends on how committed to studying communication the reader is.  I would never suggest to person to pick this book up if they want to have something to read this summer.  If you are a Comm junkie or need something to put you to sleep at night this will be the ticket.  While informative the book does come across as dull and might not be for you if you really want to sink your teeth into a book.  It just depends on who you are.


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