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Blog 10: Republic.com 2.0

I found the book by Sunstein Republic.com 2.0 very repetitive and somewhat boring. Without having to read it for class I probably wouldn’t have ever picked it up to read for leisure. However, I found that he did have valid points and that it was a easy read.I understand Sunstein’s main point of how new technologies are changing the way people give and receive information and how these changes mess with our democratic system.

The best part about the book was chapter one in my opinion. I thought it was interesting when Sunstein talks about how we can make our media however we want it. With technology (and he names all these websites) where you can put together all the media that your interested in.

Google news provides a case in point with the appealing suggestion that, “No one can read all the news that’s published every day, so why not set up your page to show you the stories that best represent your interest?”

Though I personally agree with this statement I understand how it could hurt democracy. I think of it like on my ipod I have ESPN and i get to pick my favorite teams to follow. So I follow my favorite basketball teams but not knowing how other teams are doing doesn’t help me when it’s time to see who has made it to the playoffs. We have to get all the information and not just ones that we are specifically interested in. His key points that discuss why we should not just receive personalized information are ONE: People should be exposed to materials that they would not have chosen in advance. TWO: Many or most citizens should have a range of common experiences. I learned in other communication classes how our field of experiences allows us to communicate with others better, because we all come from different places and different backgrounds.

My least favorite part of the book was the chapter when Sunstein says the internet should be regulated. I felt that he kind of contradicted himself talking about censorship and how there should be no government censorship, but then later makes that statement. I think all in all I would not recommend this book to anyone else. I didn’t find it a great read and I’m sure the people who I hang with wouldn’t find this a great read either.


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