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Blog 11: Being a democratic citizen

I guess being a democratic citizen now all depends on who you are and how you look at what it means to be a democratic citizen.

To me being a democratic citizen has a lot to do with how much I feel like I could change or have a say within our government and/or my community…and I absolutely feel like that if I wanted to get something out then I could stand a pretty good chance.

With the age that we’re in I really feel like if I wanted to get an issue out I would have many medias of which I could go about it. Let’s say that I wanted to get a movement started that would make it illegal to walk around with your shoes untied. I would first start out by asking around to see how much backing and what kind of interest my peers would have with my idea. My next step would probably be to put the idea out in the cyber world. I could easily go about this by starting a thread in twitter, on facebook and I could even start my own website strictly devoted to raising awareness on shoe tying. And you never know, the right person might become interested in what I’m doing or somehow stumble upon my website and it could blow up.

So in this sense being a democratic citizen is a positive but on the other hand you could only take in the info that you wanted and if the government really wanted to they could only put out information that would benefit what they cared about. Does this necessarily happen? I don’t think so…that’s why we have freedom of speech, to protect against this sort of thing happening, right??

So has being a democratic citizen changed over time? Of course it has. All the things that I touched on were never accessible to my parents or grandparents. Heck if my grandparents wanted to start a movement about their own beliefs they would probably have to start a chain letter. I can actually remember when I was a kid and I would be so excited to receive a chain letter, I felt so important. But those absolutely never got anywhere and never, ever gained any sort of traction. I’m sure that being a democratic citizen will once again have a different meaning in another 20 years but will still be based around the same premise.

We live in a country where we’re free and the beauty of it is that we can ultimately say and do whatever we want…and that will never change.

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