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Blog 11; Being a Democratic Citizen

The Times They Are a-Changin’. When Bob Dylan came out with this song in 1964 it truly must have seemed like the United States was changing and would never be the same. In the past couple of generations we have seen the emergence of television, men walk on the moon, the invention of the internet, and now new technology comes out everyday that transforms how we view each other. But how has our changing society impacted our democracy over the years? Does being a democratic citizen mean the same thing as it did for my parents and grandparents when they were my age?

My generation participates in politics fairly differently than my parents or grandparents. The biggest change is my generations grasp of the internet. The internet is now forever a part of politics and with my first real election being in 2008 it is hard for me to imagine the internet playing a minor role in politics from now on. The youth and the internet were a force to be reckoned with and it just goes to show you that people in their 20’s today can make a difference in politics. I think that my generation does a great job of utilizing technology for political as well as social causes. However, just because you show support for something does not mean that you have to do anything for the cause. We can see this in the low youth voter turnout.

I think that my parents and grandparents participated in politics more directly.  In that they actually donated money to candidates and actively went to their rallies and such. I think when my parents and grandparents were growing up they did not view the government with so much cynicism (thank you LBJ and Nixon). I think they believed that our politicians actually cared deeply about them and special interest groups did not hold as much sway. Perhaps that is me just being nostalgic about the past. I do believe that how my generation participates in democracy today is different from how my parents and grandparents participated and I expect how my children and granchildren particpate in democracy will be different from today.

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