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Blog 11: Being a Democratic Citizen

Being a democratic citizen today in 2011 definitely does not mean the same thing as it had when say, my parents were in the same period of their lives as I am now.  In this new age of democracy there is a huge emphasis on the online world.  Being both a producer and consumer of information through the means of social media has changed the way democracy is being churned out today.  With the advent of social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and WordPress, people are able to voice their own opinion and discuss politics and other government topics with friends and people all over the world.  They are able express their true thoughts and feelings but that’s all they’re doing.  Young people today are not truly getting involved in government and hands on democracy like my parents have and especially my grandparents back in the day.  The only true thing that young people today are truly doing that is hands on in the community is volunteering.  This is due to most high schools and some colleges requiring some sort of volunteering to pass certain classes and grades.

My parents’ generation had been more hands on with democracy in their community than our generation.

For example, attending a club meeting is down from 49% in 1976 to 23% in 2005.

Member of at least one organization is down from 63.5% in 1976 to 54% in 2004.

Work on a community project down from 29% in 1976 to 21% in 2005.

As you can see, the new generation of young people are less involved in the community as our parents and grandparents.  These numbers are staggering and need to change! People my age need to start being interested in democracy and politics hands on.  I think the lack of civics classes in school is a major issue.  I can remember only taking A SINGLE government class in high school that was required to graduate and the teacher of that class just did what was needed for us to pass the class to move on.   I know for sure that my grandparents were more involved in democracy than anyone.  Back in the day, being involved in politics and government workings was very popular.  Knowing about what politicians were doing for you and physically voting all the time was key for people back in that day.

I call for more young people today to get involved in democracy and get away from the online aspects of democracy.  Do something real in the community and get away from that XBox or Online Gaming.  As The Who said, “People try to put us down, just because we get around.”  Let’s change that and make a name for our generation!

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