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Being a democrat in the time my grandparents were in their 20’s, which was around the late 1950’s was very difficult. Being black before and during the Civil Rights movement couldn’t be an easy task and who knows all the adversity they faced trying to vote and being an active part of the political system.  From then to now we can see the big differences of being a democrat. Now registering is no longer a hard process and voting is as easy as breathing.

However, when my parents were in their late 20’s, which was about 2004  isn’t that different from, 2011 but there were some changes from now and then. No longer do we have to worry about messy dial up on the Internet when trying to get into AOL.  Now technology and new media in this digital age can help democrats be democrats.

“The engaged youth paradigm implicitly emphasizes generational changes changes in social identity that have resulted in the growing importance of peer networks and online communities… this paradigm emphasizes the empowerment of youth as expressive individuals and symbolically frees young people to make their own.”

I agree that social networking (i.e. facebook and twitter) makes it easier to be a democrat then in 2004. I could easily follow important democrats or like a democratic page and get ongoing information events and democratic news. When my parents were in their 20’s it was the beginning of technology and the computer etc. Not only do we have easier networks we have ways or information to travel aster than before. We have search engines like google and wikipedia and wiki links and etc. that allow us to get information at a faster rate. Even thought we have all these advances Bennett shows us that with our increase in technology there is a decrease in an actual forum setting. It is just like the previous articles we read with Gladwell and Shirky, social networks and online communication can only get you so far. The thing that is missing from our generation to the ones beore us is that there was more physical involvement then then it is now.

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