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Blog 11: Being Democratic Today

So much drastic change has occurred since our parents and grandparents generations that being involved democratically has had to change along with this.  Because of the resources we now have through the Internet and technology, we no longer have to rely on the sources past generations have had to use to get their political information.  Yet these new sources also provide such a large amount of information that young people who have no interest in politics can just choose not to take in any political information and instead focus on other interests.

Part of the reason for a decline in use of common political news sources from the past may have more to do with the institutions themselves rather than a disinterest stemming from youth.  The following survey shows a gradual decline in trust in government over the past 50 years in the United States.

This decline in trust has a direct correlation with the polarization of parties that has occurred, which also ties in with the changes that have taken places recently in politics.  Because of the vast array of media sources we now have at our disposal, we can choose only the political information that pertains to our beliefs, if we choose to take in any at all.  This in turn creates stronger allegiances to our chosen political party than generations in the past were used to having.

While the media scene had exploded in our generation, creating more opportunity for involvement, in a 2008 Bennett article interest in political news appears to be declining in youth.  Yet with the large increase in use of social media, it is apparent that today’s generation is finding new ways to get involved and engaged in society today.  To further understand the ways in which young people get their political information requires a thorough look into the rising use of these outlets for communication and news intake.

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