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Blog 11: Democratic Citizen

I think that today being a democratic citizen means something a lot different then it did for our parents or even our grandparents. Like we talked about in class earlier this semester, our parents grew up with only three main channels. When there was a political event broad-casted on television, they had no other choice but to tune in. In todays world we have hundreds of channel options. When a political event is on TV we do not have to watch it. We can pick and choose the information we get and where we get it from. They could not. When our grandparents were in their 20’s they had even less of selection for where they could access political information. Also today being politically involved means something different then it did back then. When our parents were in their 20’s in order to be politically active they had to go to political rallies and events like that. They were also dealing with desegregation of schools. Our parents generation would take greater personal risks to be politically involved. A lot of the rallies involving segregation laws would turn violent. Another type of event that they attended were peace rallies. There were a lot of events that they could attend. I would definitely say that our parents generation was far more politically active then we are today.

The only thing that held our parents and grandparents back as far as political involvement would be the social media available today. In order for them to spread ideas and write about their own thoughts, they would have to use resources such as newspapers and magazine. Today we can blog, Facebook, or twitter about our opinions. It takes no time at all for our generation to spread our opinions to thousands in minutes. This is an advantage that our parents and grandpaprents did not have. Our generation is more interested in following political figures or events on twitter then they are with actually attending these events. This is a major difference between our generation and the older generation. We would rather read about an event online then actually attend them. It is an interesting concept. We have the ease to spread around the time and place of an event but there seems to be a lack of drive to get people to attend these events. Overall I think today being a democratic citizen means something different then it did for our parents and our grandparents.

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