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Blog 11: Democratic Citizen

In today’s day and age, my generation is constantly communicating. Whether it be through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or text messaging, it is never too hard for a young person to communicate information. I think that being a Democratic citizen in 2011 definitely means something different than it did for my parents, and especially for my grandparents. If I wanted to spread political information, or obtain political information, I can simply go on the Internet and type in my search. Or, I could start a blog with my political opinions and viewpoints.

If my parents or grandparents wanted to spread their political viewpoints, it was a little harder. The Internet did not exist, and computers were barely in existence for my parents. My parents and grandparents could perhaps write an editorial in a newspaper or magazine to get the word out, but that takes a little more time and effort than simply lounging on your couch using the Internet. Also, to obtain information, they would have to either go to the library or read the newspaper, rather than use the Internet. The Internet is a huge factor these days in being a Democratic citizen.

Also, I believe that since more politicians are using social media, this is attracting younger people to vote that normally would not. In the 2008 election, more younger people voted than ever, mostly for Barack Obama, because of his use of social media in his campaign.I believe that his use of social media really engaged the younger generation. I think that this trend will continue, as younger people are becoming more and more interested in politics, and want a handle on their future. By voting, and spreading their viewpoints, these are ways that people my age can continue being Democratic citizens.

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