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Blog #11: Democratic Past vs. Present

Politics is a topic of great interest in my family. I have sat down with my parents and grandparents before and talked about our experience with politics throughout our lives. Based on these conversations I am able to state that being a democratic citizen does not mean something different to each generation. My parents, grandparents, and I would agree on what a democratic citizen does and acts, however we would not see eye to eye on the way these acts are carried out.

Why? As times have carried out since my grandparents generation people have become more and more dependent on technology. While people in my generation would consider a democratic citizen to be an advocate of a politican or a cause on Facebook or Twitter, my parents would not, and my grandparents would ask you what the heck a Twitter or a Facebook was AKA they definitely would not. The older generations on my family are more into actions that take place in the “real world” not necessarily online, such as protests or speeches.

No one is right or wrong in this particular situation, rather our generations have a different influence on the way we act out our shared definition of a democratic citizen.

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