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Blog 11: Differences in Democratic Society

When my parents were in their 20’s it was the mid 80’s and early 90’s.  They had issues to tackle as democratic citizens, but nothing that monumental other than the stock market coming to an almost crash in the early 90s.  My parents will constantly tell me and remind me of growing up in the aftermath of the civil rights movement, but they were not voting citizens during the immediate aftermath of that.

As for my grandparents oooohhhhhhhhhhhh wow.  They actually COULD vote during the civil rights movement.  Talking to them about it something I have never done which is something I should take care of before I leave this Earth.  The idea that they were in the heart of that, the Vietnam War, and the John Kennedy-Richard Nixon election is incredible.  That is what being a democratic citizen is about.  Truly taking part of things that have revolutionized our country.

In 2011, while their has been many controversial issues arising for my generation to gain knowledge on, there has not been much to vote for.  We were able to participate in electing the first African-American President, but other than that not much has occurred.  We have seen Hurricane Katrina, BP oil spill, two Japanese tsunamis, the end of a two term presidency and the entrance to another one.  Not much has occurred, but we are still young in our true democratic citizenship.

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