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Blog11. Democracy Now vs Past

Being a 23 year old democratic citizen today is definitely different than what it was when my parents were in their early 20s, and even more different for my grandparents when they were my age. Back then when my parents and grandparents were my age, political participation was shown in protest or sit ins. Now, we participate politics through Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. What it means to be democratic is not only we need to be open and aware of current issues but also have our voices heard. I absolutely believe our generation has more power and more outlets to use to build our democratic citizenship. Via these strong and powerful tools we are able to build our democratic citizenship stronger. I think it applies not only to citizens but also to politicians. I feel like politicians try to grab our attention more than they used to, and it is possible because of a development of medias and outlets. When my parents were in their early 20’s in the 70s, they used to go on protest. What looks just normal and liberal in nowadays was looked a lot at in a negative sense. Often their opinions and voices were ignored or undervalued.

As far as my grandparents were concerned, their voices were even less heard. They had even less rights than my parent’s generation had. Especially it was true for women. When my grandmother was in her 20s I believe that women had very little power in their voices. In current democratic society even young or old women get to speak for their rights. I believe the biggest change happened through the past two generations, from my grandparents to our’s, is accessibility to information, and it’s what brought a democracy to current society.

“The future of democracy is in the hands of these young citizens of the so-called digital age” from Changing Citizenship in the Digital Age

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