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Blog11: Democratic Citizen

I do not believe that the definition or characteristic of a democratic person has changed since our country was born. A democratic citizen is someone who engages in democracy and encourages other to participate as well.  With that being said, I do believe the resources which democratic citizens use are changing with ever generation. It is not the spirit of the democratic citizen that is changing, it is merely the technological advances that set every democratic generation apart.

In the days of my grandparents, democratic citizens were really limited in resources. Aside from the local newspaper and radio, it was hard to spread a message to a large number of people. Democratic citizens of that generation may have held meetings or handed out brochures on the street corner. Democratic citizens of that time did try to spread ideas and urge civic participation, although it was not as effective as modern methods.

By the time my parent’s reached their adult years, technology has significantly developed. This generation saw the advancement of television as a key tool in spreading a message to the mass population. My parents generation is also notorious for political demonstrations. These demonstrations, mostly protest, seem to characterize this generations democratic citizen. Both the emergence of television and protest essentially gave this generation of democratic citizens a slight advantage over the previous generation.

The current generation has seen the emergence of the internet and social networking sites to greatly aid the democratic citizens cause. Although we may have better technological advancements than previous generations, can we really classify ourselves as better democratic citizens? No, those democratic citizens who existed in my grandparents era encompass the same spirit, enthusiasm, and ideas that the modern democratic citizen demonstrate. The only thing that separates the generations of democratic citizens is the technology.

  1. April 25, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Nice post. Writing is concise. Good job.

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