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Blog 12: Class Overall

Overall, I really enjoyed this course. It really made me realize all the different ways that social media and communication affects politics. As always, there were some things I found more interesting than others.

I really enjoyed learning about he 1960 Presidential election between Nixon and Kennedy. I thought this was the most interesting thing we learned about. I enjoyed the group presentations, and seeing what each groups topic was. I found it very interesting how much the television affected each candidates chances of winning.

While I found everything interesting overall, the topic I found least interesting was the Sunstein book, Republic.com 2.0. I think I found this book least interesting and relevant because the writing style was so dense and hard to understand. Also, the topics discussed were highly intellectual, and I do not think I agreed with most of his views on the Internet. I really liked hearing other peoples views on things though, such as the Internet, Presidential debates, different wars, and different Presidential campaigns. I also really liked learning about all the different social media and how they each affect different politicians.

I am very glad I took this class, and feel that everything I learned will stick with me for a long time, and help me out in any of my future jobs, as I aspire to work in politics/political campaigns someday.

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