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Blog 12: The End/The Wrap-Up

Wooooooooooowwwwwwww…The most interesting that I learned in this class…I really don’t want to be that student who says “there have been many so many great things” just because that feels forced and phony, but in all honesty it is true.  If I had to choose one thing in particular it would probably be the time we spent covering late-night comedy and satire in politics.  That’s a broad subject, but there is no way to emphasize how important that information is.  It is not just young people that are tuning out political news today for the likes of Colbert and Stewart, but older generations are as well.  They tell it how it is and parody what is ridiculous and beyond outrageous.  Not only did I find that to be the most interesting, but I think my classmates did as well.   I cannot speak for them, but judging by how many people covered the satire topic for research papers that might be a fair assumption.

The most boring is quite easy.  It is everything that came out of the Sunstein book.  I literally would fall asleep at around 3 PM trying to read it.  Sunstein just gets repetitive trying to hammer his ideas home.  I understand that the best speakers have always had to repeat their rhetoric to get their message across to who was listening, (Dr. King “I Have A Dream”, Muhammad Ali “I am the greatest”, JFK “Ask not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for your country”, etc.) but he really needed to give it a rest.

It’s probably too easy to pick on the book as a whole so one other thing that was irrelevant I believe to our course work might have been the way JFK won his debate against Nixon.  It is irrelevant to me specifically because I really don’t put much stock in the way a man looks on television.  I am typically more concerned with what these men are trying to sell me on and because people in 1960 didn’t necessarily see the way I see things I sat there thinking “a guy won a debate because he was more tan…”  I understand it, I don’t agree with it, but it is how culture operates.  Granted I somewhat fell victim to this in the 2008 election because McCain seemed like he was going to die at every speech he gave, but at the same time he was invoking more of the same policies that have already been in place with the Bush administration, which turned me off immediately.  While television changed the debate forever I really didn’t think people should have personally declared a winner because Kennedy “looked” better when actuality he had a crooked spine and wasn’t necessarily the healthiest man in the world either.

In all honesty, I appreciate you being a great professor this semester because with some of this heavy hitting theories and material, the course could have been much more difficult to deal with.  I mean that and you can quote me on it as well.

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